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Our financial services provide you Fast loan, including various preferential Loan interest rendah rates in Malaysia, whether it is a personal loan, SME loan, mortgage loan or corporate Loan pinjaman, it only takes 20 minutes to complete the online process, and our professional team will save you more time.

Our business covers the whole of Malaysia – Personal loans .

Three easy steps to apply for a loan!

With Quicken Loans (Pinjaman wang berlesen) , you can instantly aLoan peribadipply for your financial services online by filling out a simple form! – Pinjamam peribadi.

Our friendly customer support will get in touch with you shortly – Loan peribadi.

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Simply submit your application form and provide brief details. Our customer service will call you

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Fast approval same day! Just relax, our loan experts will help you with all your problems

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We'll credit or cash out to you the same day your loan application is approved! Don't delay! Quick and easy!

Repayment Example

Loan Repayment Plan

You can choose from 3 months (need to apply) to 108 months, and the repayment method is flexible.
Contact us for current prices We have no hidden fees.

About Us

help you solve financial problems

RMplus.Capital is a well-known legal loan company in Malaysia :

Established in 2006, more than 10 years in the market!

According to the situation and needs of each customer, we will customize a set of loan plans that are most suitable for you to meet the needs of various types of Loan perniagaan and commercial loans. Whether you need short-term or long-term loan services, you can consult us Details We understand that each customer has individual circumstances and needs, and will approve the appropriate loan amount and number of installments for each customer according to each customer’s situation, so as to solve the financial needs of each customer. Customers only need to provide simple information or apply online. We have a 24/7 dedicated line of service personnel, and initial approval can be obtained within 60 minutes. Many of our clients can get loans as quickly as the same day to solve their current funding problems.



Minimum Interest

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Online Service

Our Service

Our Financial Loan Services

Personal Loan

24/7 customer service with 89% fast approval within 20 to 30 minutes. Get personal loan promotions with as low as 3% interest rate. Accept blacklist and bad credit.

SME/Business Loans

Bank lending process is too slow? We have a professional team that can formulate business loans quickly and at low interest rates. Quickly help companies solve financial problems, ensuring that all information is 100% confidential.

Quick Loan

Short-term loan service to help solve the shortage of funds, apply for fast transfer now and get approved within 30 minutes. Repayment within 1 month will enjoy 3% interest rate discount.


Fast approval, 1% minimum interest, borne by the lawyer contract company, no hidden fees.

Customer Review
What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Us

RMplus.Capital loan company disbursement is quick and easy as their brand is all about them and their principals are very friendly and highly recommended. Thank you for helping me a lot.

Bryan Lee

During the pandemic, I took some financial hits. I tried to get a loan from the bank but was rejected. Luckily, I found this RMplus.Capital company through my friend and the loan was approved and funded within an hour! I really recommend it!

Michael Gohe
Property Agent

I am very satisfied with the whole loan process, it is not troublesome at all, the person in charge is very kind and patient, it is worth recommending. The most important thing is that they can provide the lowest interest rate in Malaysia and it is fixed! super recommended!

Alice Mah
Electronic industry business

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal/Business Loans Malaysia

What are the minimum and maximum repayment terms?

Our repayment terms are as low as 12 months and as long as 108 months! If you need to adjust for a shorter loan term, you can consult us!

What are the minimum and maximum repayment terms?

Our interest rates are low. Compared to the market, we are only 1%. Usually only 2% if applied during a promotional period. The annual interest rate is about 12% – 18%

Who can apply? how to apply?

Personal Loan:
Applicants must be Malaysian citizens.
Employed or self-employed with a monthly income of at least RM 2,500.

Commercial loans:
Company SSM has been legally registered in Malaysia for more than 1 year.
The company must be legally registered in Malaysia.
The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen and hold a majority stake in the business.

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